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Year 2 Blog

        Year 2


        29th March 2019

Written by children in Skylark Class

"In Maths we have been doing number line work. Missing number line work was so fun, I really enjoyed it!"

"We have looked at possessive apostrophes which means that something belongs to someone so you add an apostrophe and an ‘s’ at the end but if it already ends in an ‘s’ you

just put an apostrophe."

"We have been learning the songs for our concert. Our favourite is the Dilly Dally



      21st March 2019

        Written by children in Woodpecker Class

 “In English we studied winds.  We went outside and saw how ribbons and scarves moved in the   

 wind.  We wrote about it and were challenged to use adverbs and contractions.”


 “On Monday we had a skipping workshop.  We learnt how to crocodile skip, back skip and cross  

 legged skip.  It was fantastic!  We have been practising skipping at home and at school.”


 “We have been checking out our science experiment – growing cress.  Some are so tall now!”


       14th March 2019

        Written by children in Skylark Class

 “In Year 2, we have been finding out about Alexander Graham Bell, who was a Victorian    

 inventor.   Do you know what he invented? We have been scientists because we have planted   

 cress seeds and we are watching them to see if they grow. We think that the ones with water,  

 light, air and soil will grow the best. On Friday we are going to be painting our William Morris

 wallpaper designs that we created last week – we are really looking forward to this!”


        7th March 2019

         Written by children in Skylark Class

“In Maths we have been dividing, timesing, adding and subtracting all in the same lesson!”


“We made pancakes on Tuesday they were delicious.  We designed our perfect pancake.  Mine had marshmallows, chocolate spread and banana!”


“We have been learning about Queen Victoria.  She used to like to go to the Isle of Wight.  She had nine children and she had a dog!  Did you know she loved singing and painting?”



       28th February 2019

Written by Children in Linnet Class


“In Maths we had a challenge with books. We had to make the tallest tower and measure it. That was the hardest. Then we had to make the longest line possible. It was fun!”


“We have been learning about Roald Dahl. He’s an author. He’s written Mr Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, which is my favourite.”