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What is Trailblazer?


“We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances”

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Trailblazer is an exciting scheme for schools to help co-ordinate, support and develop their work in:

  • Off-site activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Environmental education and the use of the outdoor classroom
  • Key skills, personal and social development.

This is achieved through the three strands:

  • Exploring the Environment
  • by taking part in fun, challenging and adventurous activities, where the challenge is to solve a problem, achieve a task or complete a journey, using new skills. These can vary from on-site problem solving, decision making and orienteering.
  • Caring for the Environment
  • by taking part in activities that promote understanding of the environment and the issues involved, with an enquiry-based approach to develop thinking skills.
  • by taking part in awareness-raising projects that aim at maintaining, improving or caring for a location or environment, such as the school site or a local nature reserve
  • Discovering the Environment
  • by taking part in activities that take the classroom outside to enhance and enrich curriculum linked activities.

It is through these skills that we hope to create

“Memorable experiences = Memorable learning”

(Ofsted and HMI – Nov 2008)


The Trailblazer scheme encourages pupils to become independent learners, by promoting their involvement in setting targets and reviewing experiences. It promotes the value of using this process whilst undertaking all outdoor activities, whilst having fun.




‘… children who are more quiet in class come out of themselves and lead activities…’

‘… it has a very positive affect on the behaviour of those who find classroom life difficult…’




‘… the children’s faces light up when we are learning outside and this is noticed by all staff…’

‘… we see children in a different light when they are muddy, laughing, engaged and clearly happy…’




‘… helps create memories for the children that they remember which in turn has a positive impact on their learning…’

‘.. children are enthusiastic and positive. They love all the Maths and Literacy we have done…’




‘… inspires writing for a purpose from first hand experiences …’

‘… children that are more practical than academic have a chance to shine…’




‘… showing what we are achieving in the outdoors really helps children relate to the world around us…’

‘… has helped the children to respect and care for their environment…’