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Fun Activities for all Year Groups

Kempshott Infant School Community Mural

Below these instructions you will find a template of a person.

  1. Please cut out the template.
  2. Draw around the template on a piece of paper or card.
  3. Write your name on the back of the paper/card.
  4. Use crayons, felt pens, collage to create a mini version of yourself.
  5. Things to think about:
  • What will you use to make your hair? Will you colour with crayons or pens or use wool, fabric to create your hair?
  • Will you draw your eyes or use buttons, sequins or stickers?
  • What will you use to make your clothes? Will you colour with crayons or pens or use fabric?
  • Will you use paper that matches your skin colour or will you use crayons or pens?

As this is going to be a whole school community mural we would love for parents to also make a mini version of themselves.  Please use the same template.

Please bring your mini version of you into school when we return after the Easter holidays.

Thank you!

(Please do not worry if you don’t have the resources at home, we will give the children an opportunity to make their mini version of themselves in school.)

Reading, especially for primary age children, is critical to their educational development and something that families can do together.

Please use the links below to help support your reading at home. 

Everyday learning activities

  • Steve Backshall Q & A For those animal lovers watch Steve Backshall's Q & A videos on YouTube to become an expert!

  • Mindfulness A brand new mindfulness experience to help pre-schoolers with their mental health and wellbeing has joined the CBeebies Go Explore app!

  • Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon Glow Trail App (link) Get active in your garden or nearest greenspace with the updated app featuring the fantastic A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. Lu-La needs your help to charge her communicator so she can call home for rescue. Hurry, she's being chased by the sinister Agent Red and her hapless helpers the Hazmats