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As a Governor at Kempshott Infants School I am privileged to work with an excellent team; made up of the Head Teacher, Chair of Governors, Staff Governor and individuals, all with a great wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Our role is to support, challenge and encourage the school at a strategic level to maintain excellence in every area of school life.


My involvement can range from supporting a day trip, wearing wellies and chasing frogs through to attending training set up by Hampshire, grappling with new terminology and learning about numbers!


Using my knowledge and experience  I am able to support various activities including attending the Resources Committee, which involves understanding how the funding received is used to meet the diverse and varied needs of the school.


I am proud to be working with an outstanding school, with staff and stakeholders who are committed to ensuring that every child starts off in education with strong foundations.


Mrs Sally-Anne Spooner



Kempshott Infant School has a dedicated team of Governors who are either appointed as Parent Governors, Co-opted Governors, Staff Governors or Local Authority Governors. They remain on the Governing Body for a term of four years and may be co-opted for further terms if their skills are required. Vacancies for Governors are communicated through the School to the Parent Body and Hampshire County Council (HCC) Governor Services Team. All Governors are members of the Full Governing Body (FGB) and meet collectively once a month (excluding December and August). Each Governor has a clear role in supporting and holding the school to account.  They also have a link to a particular School Improvement Priority to monitor progress and visits the school during the day at least once each term to monitor progress towards identified goals. This ensures that Kempshott Infant Governors ‘know their School’ and are able to challenge the school to achieve the very best outcomes for children. 


Our Governors

Mrs A. Mossop - Chair
Mrs N. Potter - Head Teacher
Dr J. Mackay - Vice-Chair
Mrs M. Baker - Staff
Mrs S. Spooner - Co-opted

Revd N. Such - Co-opted

Mr A. Briggs- Parent
Mr H. Argawal- Parent
Mr G. Houghton - Parent
Mrs S. Korde - LEA
Mrs H. Hopgood - Co-opted





Mrs Amy Mossop - Chair


I am currently Chair of Governors, having joined the governing body in December 2010 initially as a parent governor.  My 3 children have all attended Kempshott Infants and we share many happy memories of their time at the school.  I have worked in the field of accounting and corporate taxation for many years.  Outside of work, when I am not playing taxi-driver to my children, I enjoy reading, red wine and chocolate.  I am passionate that all children should be given opportunities to take part in new activities and love their reaction when they achieve something they didn't think possible.

Dr Jamie Mackay - Vice Chair


I joined Kempshott Infant School Governing Body in January 2015 as a parent governor.  I was keen to play a more strategic role in education to complement my professional work and interests in higher education.  I am currently Vice Chair of the Governing Body.  In my professional life, I work in higher education (HE) supporting those students from disadvantaged backgrounds to get in and on in HE.  This work echoes my strong belief that education is a right and should be available to all, regardless of their backgrounds.  At home, I am very happily married with two daughters.  I like the odd bar of chocolate and slice of pizza - but rarely together!

Mr Ged Houghton


I was elected as a parent governor in November 2016 and I enjoy being part of a team that is committed to supporting the school in it's mission of "Learning together, achieving the extraordinary!".  As governors we do this by ensuring that the school 1) has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction, 2) is held to account for it's educational and staff performance and 3) manages it's finances well.

Most of my career has been in Human Resources (mostly in the education sector) starting with Hampshire's Education Department where I spent 6 enjoyable years advising head teachers in North East Hampshire.  My current role is HR Director for and education publisher where I have been for 18 years, supporting the senior management team in all areas of HR.

My interests include: playing the piano (my wife says like Les Dawson!), drawing/painting and reading history books.  As a farmer's son I should be good at gardening but that might come when the garden becomes mine again!

Mrs Sally-Anne Spooner


I am Sally-Anne Spooner, co-opted Governor for Kempshott Infant School.  My family and I live locally and I work in Basingstoke as HR Director in education.  I have volunteered in the past working with Surrey Police, Victim Support, Tearfund and the CAB.  More recently I wanted to become a governor to help out in the immediate local community, in a sector I can proactively contribute to and be part of something truly "Outstanding".

Revd Nicola Such


I'm very pleased to have recently been appointed as a co-opted governor at Kempshott Infants.  I moved to Kempshott last spring to become Vicar at St Mark's Church (just up the road!) and, being involved in school life already through assemblies and other activities, it seemed like a natural progression to join the governors!  I previously worked both as an infant teacher and as a youth and children's worker, and love to see children discover their potential and develop a lifelong enjoyment of learning.  When I'm not vicar-ing I love reading, being crafty and going walking.

Mrs Holly Hopgood


My name is Holly Hopgood and I was delighted to be recently appointed as a co-opted governor of Kempshott Infant School.  

I attended both Kempshott Infants and Juniors in the 1990's and absolutely loved my time there.  While I no longer live in Kempshott, I was keen to give something back to the school I enjoyed so much as a child.

As a new governor I am still finding my way but am pleased to be focusing on Early Years education.  I am proud to be a governor at an outstanding school and look forward to helping maintain that status.

Outside of being a governor I am a busy mum to a 2 year old and work as a project manager for Network Rail.  I also enjoy running and gardening!

Mr Harish Agarwal


I was elected as a Parent Governor for Kempshott Infant School in February 2019.  As a parent of a new school-goer, I was keen to volunteer and make a positive contribution in the strategic functions of the school my child goes to.  Professionally, I am a Managing Consultant in the field of Information Technology, but I have always been interested in aspects of school education and extra-curricular activities.  I am proud to be associated with a highly involved team of governors and although I am still learning, I am keen to be part of this journey focusing on all round physical, mental and emotional development of children in early years.  I am married with 2 sons and very interested in science and space.


Mr Andy Briggs


I am a father of two who have both attended Kempshott Infants.  I am currently employed as a shopping centre manager in Reading with overall responsibility for a team of 110, within a centre that employs over 4000 members of staff.  I have significant leadership experience with strong influencing skills and the ability to communicate effectively, building working relationships at any level.

Just like every other parent at Kempshott Infant School, I want the very best for my children.  I want them to be happy, confident and become the very best they can be in an environment where they can achieve their full potential.  As parents we need to support the school but when necessary, we should push the teaching team to consistently raise the bar.  Kempshott Infants is already a strong local school and just like everyone else, I want it to continue to succeed and improve further.