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Who are the Committee?

Name: Tami Bone

Role 2023-2024: Chair

Joined KSA: 2021

Children: Henry in Year 4

The Summer Fair was my favourite event – the atmosphere on the day was fantastic with everyone having fun, it was just so great to see all our efforts and planning enjoyed by all.

I joined the KSA after hearing the previous Chair’s call for help, that the KSA couldn’t continue without support, and I’m glad I volunteered. Henry was so familiar with the Junior School and some of the teachers that he wasn’t nervous about the transition from Infant to Junior School at all.

Name: Vicki White

Role 2023-2024: Treasurer

Joined KSA: 2016

Children: Harry in Year 7 and Zachary in Year 3

The cake sales are a great boost to our fundraising and it is so funny watching the children trying to find and buy back their own cakes!!


Name: Lisa Miles-Hasking

Role 2022-2023: Secretary

Joined KSA: 2021

Children: Lily Rose in Year 2 and James in Year R.

It’s fulfilling to be able to help enrich the children’s school lives in multiple ways with the KSA, whether that be through creating events and helping make lots of happy memories or through fundraising for equipment to support and better their learning journey’s.

General Committee members 2023 - 2024:

Tami Bone - Chair

Vicki White - Treasurer

Lisa Miles-Hasking - Secretary

Lucy Austin - Committee Member

Helen Greaves - Committee Member

Rhiannon Monnier - Committee Member

Joanne Day - Committee Member

Kelly Sammons - Committee Member

Ollie Burrows - Committee Member

Tricia Smith-Hamblin - Committee Member

Alison Papworth - Committee Member

Pete Straw - Committee Member

Natalie Pearson - Committee Member

Charlotte Straw - Committee Member

Sarah Sharp - Committee Member