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Canaan Modern Primary School - Uganda


Kempshott Infant school is proud to promote a sense of international community through our links with Canaan Modern Primary School in Uganda. This began prior to 2007 when a church pastor, who is a carpenter, started a school because there was no other education within reach of this rural area. The children were poor and vulnerable and they met in a mud-built church. The only toilet was the latrine used by the family. The school was threatened with closure due to this poor sanitation provision until Kempshott Infant School PTA, enlightened by the Head, gave £650 to have a block of latrines built. These are still functional and a great improvement in the health of the children was noted, which meant less money had to be spent on clinic visits. The next project chosen by the parents was to provide one good meal a day for the children, some of whom came without even a breakfast. This is a maize porridge for the nursery who attend only in the mornings and a big plate of beans and porsho for the rest of the school. This has meant children are better able to concentrate and families, often an elderly granny, get help in the work they need to do for the children. Kempshott Infant School has benefited by gaining insight into a different country and by appreciating all that we have.